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This Ocean City MD Fishing Charters website is designed to be your one stop resource directory for all things dealing with Ocean City, MD fishing. The various fishing areas around Ocean City are world famous for being some of the most productive fishing waters on the entire Atlantic Coast. No matter what style of fishing or even which species of fish that you prefer, we are going to have it for you right here in beautiful Ocean City.

Let’s start out by mentioning our many offshore fishing charters that are available. Just a 30 to 50 mile trip offshore to the cobalt blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean will put you into the incredible action. You may be fishing around our many famous underwater canyons or your trip may even take you to some of our many sunken wrecks and reefs. These awesome fishing grounds attract numerous offshore predatory pelagic species like wahoo, dolphin (mahi-mahi), yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, albacore, white marlin, blue marlin along with various shark species including the magnificent mako shark. Our local charter captains specialize in knowing where these fish are going to be and offer custom all-inclusive charter opportunities for the experienced as well as beginner anglers.

You may also select a charter specializing in the near shore waters out to the 20 mile range. This would allow you to bottom fish near countless wrecks or troll the near shore waters targeting species like tautog, flounder, spadefish, cod, black sea bass, bluefish, and several more. Many of our charter boats are priced and licensed to carry up to six paying passengers. This is often called a “six pack” charter. Other larger charter boats called “headboats” can carry many more passengers that pay on a per “head” basis. We also have headboats available for the bay and inlet fishing as well.

Ocean City offers great surf fishing. Standing in the sand, anglers can toss their baits to species like bluefish, flounder, whiting (kingfish), sea trout, rockfish (striped bass) and several others. Surf fishing is allowed on most beaches but please check on the beach’s regulations regarding the times fishing is allowed and distances necessary between fishing activities and beach goers.

Don’t want to fish in the sand? Then why not try an Ocean City fishing pier. These long piers offer anglers the opportunity to drop a line in the surf zones that just can’t be reached by casting from the beach. Many species that don’t come in all the way to near the beach areas will often be available to the fishing pier anglers. Our local piers are always anxious to help get you set up with the tackle and bait that you will need to enjoy a great and productive fishing experience.

We know that not everyone wants to charter a boat. What about the angler that has his own boat? Don’t worry we can accommodate you guys too. The Ocean City area has several public ramps to access most of the water around our area. Please check out our page concerning public and pay boat ramps for more complete information.

Ocean City also offers anglers the opportunity to show their fishing skill with its numerous fishing tournaments. One of the most prestigious and prosperous is the White Marlin Open. On August 10, 2009 a Massachusetts angler took home $903,442 with a tournament winning white marlin weighing in at 93.5 lbs. In that same tournament a new MD state record was established with an awesome 1061 pound monster blue marlin. Along with the White Marlin Open, several other tournaments are available including The OC Shark Tournament, The Black Friday Rockfish Tournament, OC Small Boat Tournament, Primetime Rockfish Tournament, Flounder Pounder Tournament, Kreppel Memorial Blue Marlin Tournament, The OC Kids Classic and several more. Please check out our tournament schedule page for more information about all the various fishing tournaments this season.   

Ocean City, Maryland may well offer the best that the world of sport fishing has to offer and it is right here in the Mid-Atlantic states. The canyons and inshore structure off of Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware can be truly awesome but don’t forget about the rest of the family. Ocean City’s beaches and local waters are perfect for swimming, sunning, surfing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing and just about any other water activity you can imagine. During the summer, you'll find free family activities six nights a week, including concerts, bonfires, movies and even a beach Olympics. Ocean City, MD is truly a fishermen’s paradise and a place that the entire family can enjoy.  

Our point is simple. The main industry of Ocean City, MD will always be fishing! We offer offshore fishing, inshore fishing, wreck fishing, bay fishing, inlet fishing, surf fishing, commercial fishing, and all the various businesses that are needed to support these activities. Fishing in Ocean City can be done throughout the year. Many opportunities to explore fishing through charter boats, private boats, head boats, and surf fishing are always available. A broad range of tackle shops, bait shops, and marinas in Ocean City will guide you to catching the fish of your dreams or just having a great relaxing adventure on the water. Let our directory help you to better enjoy your fishing trip to this area. Don’t forget to check out our buoy reports, wave analysis, wind analysis, weather reports, radar maps, and more for assistance in planning your fishing time in Ocean City.   

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